Dental Implants, Bone Grafts, and Dr. Sam Saved This Smile

325_a 325_b This patient suffered damage to his two front teeth in a skating accident several years ago. As shown (left) over time, the gums became severely infected and the area had extensive bone loss. Dr. Sam extracted the two incisors, performed a block graft and then a particulate bone graft to form the foundation for new dental implants. After extraction of the teeth Dr. Sam created a clear retainer-type appliance which held two teeth in the gap caused by the extraction. This meant that the patient’s smile remained intact throughout the bone graft healing period; it was not apparent to anyone that he had undergone dental surgery, and, that there was actually a wide gap in his smile. After healing, Dr. Sam placed two dental implants to replace the missing front teeth. With his dental implants in place and their new, properly leveled crowns, the patient has a healthy, aesthetic new smile!