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24-7 Online Services

About 24-7 Online Services

  • Secure 24-7 online access to patient information and accounts
  • Complimentary for our patients


  • Customize how your receive appointment reminders – via email and/or text message
  • Look up appointment information
  • Download appointment information into your calendar
  • Review and print financial information
  • Make payments online using encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology

VIP Rewards

Patient Rewards Hub
VIP Rewards

What is VIP Rewards?

VIP Rewards is designed to make your orthodontic journey with us FUN! As you know, successful orthodontic treatment is a team effort and YOU are the key player! With VIP Rewards, you can earn points for being a great patient and redeem them for cool prizes!

How it Works

  • Be an excellent orthodontic patient (clean your teeth properly, avoid breaking appliances, etc.)
  • Earn points at your regularly scheduled appointments for doing a good job
  • Redeem your points online for gift cards and other cool prizes!

Instructional Videos

Invisalign Care Instructions

Acceledent Instructions

Brushing With Braces

Flossing With Braces

Cleaning Between Braces

Using Wax for Braces

Whitening Instructions